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Creating a Carbon Wheel

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Carbon fiber is an ideal choice for custom composite parts in a wide range of industries.

Set your automotive brand apart with the sophistication of carbon fiber wheels and parts. Shave 50 pounds or more with wheels and reduce rolling inertia and unsprung mass. Improve acceleration and deceleration. Reduce noise, especially in luxury electric vehicles. Maximize the range.

In addition to the many carbon fiber benefits, the beauty of a perfect weave and the cachet of carbon fiber brings revenue opportunity for automotive manufactures looking to add valuable features.

Also, as the prevalence of EVs for last mile delivery increases, so will weight reduction through composites such as carbon fiber wheels, which help improve battery life and mileage.

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Better. Stronger. Lighter.

Using innovative tailored fiber placement (TFP) technology, we can produce carbon fiber components more rapidly and better optimize them for structural performance.

High Pressure Resin Infusion

After carbon fiber layup is complete, we complete the process with our proprietary high pressure resin transfer molding (RTM).

Tailored Fiber Placement Tailored Fiber Placement Tailored Fiber Placement

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