ESE Carbon Fiber Wheels
BMW M3 Competition with ESE Carbon E3 Wheels BMW M3 Competition with ESE Carbon E3 Wheels BMW M3 Competition with ESE Carbon E3 Wheels

Tailored Fiber Placement

Using innovative tailored fiber placement (TFP) technology, we can produce carbon fiber components more rapidly and better optimize them for structural performance.

Subaru WRX STI with ESE E2 Carbon Wheels Subaru WRX STI with ESE Carbon E2 Wheels Subaru WRX STI with ESE Carbon E2 Wheels

Making Vehicles Lighter, Faster, Quieter.

Set your automotive brand apart with the sophistication of carbon fiber wheels and parts. Shave 50 pounds or more with wheels and reduce rolling inertia and unsprung mass. Improve acceleration and deceleration. Reduce noise, especially in luxury electric vehicles. Maximize the range.

In addition to the many carbon fiber benefits, the beauty of a perfect weave and the cachet of carbon fiber brings revenue opportunity for automotive manufactures looking to add valuable features.

Also, as the prevalence of EVs for last mile delivery increases, so will weight reduction through composites such as carbon fiber wheels, which help improve battery life and mileage.

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Tailored Fiber Placement

Our carbon fiber wheels are engineered using the newest tailored fiber placement (TFP) technology. Carbon fiber layup was traditionally a very time-consuming, manual process involving cutting and hand-forming carbon fiber sheets onto resin molds. This resulted in excessive waste and the manual labor can create bottlenecks in production.

Alternately, TFP works by using machines to arrange and stitch carbon fibers into exact position for optimal structural performance. This reduces layup time by as much as 50% and cuts material waste by 80%. It also allows ESE to optimize the design to fit the curvature and spokes of the carbon fiber wheels through precise fiber placement and orientation. This increases the strength and durability of our carbon fiber wheels, allowing them to manage loads and stresses more effectively.

Resin Infusion

We also use a proprietary compression resin transfer molding (RTM) process and epoxy resin system to create an infused, one-cure wheel with increased rim strength and fatigue resistance. ESE uses only the highest quality, fastest curing resins at industry leading Tg (glass transition) temperatures of up to 212°C to deliver you a product that is unequaled. ESE’s fiber-to-resin content of 60% and void content of just 2% are among the best in the industry. Add to that the fact that ESE is able to fully infuse a wheel in under 2 minutes, it’s evident that innovation is at the heart of everything we do.