VW Carbon Fiber Wheels - ESE Carbon

Carbon Fiber Wheels

The FIRST and ONLY one-piece carbon fiber wheel for VW MQB Performance Models. Engineered and built in the USA.

Upgrade your car's performance and handling while also adding the visual appeal of carbon fiber. Exquisite hand lay-up and innovative carbon fiber tailored fiber placement result in the first-of-a-kind aftermarket wheel.

E2 Carbon Fiber Wheels:
By the Numbers

  • Weight: 17 pounds

  • Rating: Vehicles up to 6,800 lbs (rated by axle)

  • Size: Available now in 19x8.5”

image of a carbon fiber wheel image of a carbon fiber wheel image of a carbon fiber wheel


The lighter the wheel, the lower the rotational inertia – resulting in less force required to move the wheel forward. As a premium carbon fiber composite wheel, the E2 saves a significant amount of weight compared to aluminum and steel wheels. Testing has demonstrated that a 10lb weight saving per wheel translates into faster lap times of as much as 5.3%.


Simply put, lighter objects require less work to slow and stop. The E2 carbon fiber wheel is up to 45% lighter than equivalent steel or aluminum wheels. Testing has demonstrated that the E2 wheel can reduce braking and coasting distances from 60-1 mile per hour by as much as 3.6%.


Reducing unsprung weight minimizes the suspension’s effort to keep your wheels firmly on the road surface. Each E2 carbon fiber wheel removes up to 10 lbs of unsprung weight from the system, allowing the suspension to perform that much better. The resulting improvement in tire contact leads to enhanced steering response and sharper handling. Whether on the road, the track, or both, E2 carbon fiber wheels will take your driving experience to an entirely new level.

Road Test - Passed

Years of prototype testing have led to the development of the most technologically advanced wheel ever produced – the E2. Through highly advanced modeling with finite element analysis, ESE’s composite engineering team is able to predict how wheels will react in a plethora of real-world scenarios. Armed with that extensive data, ESE’s wheels are then put through their paces in both the lab and field, with the results being validated for strength, safety and performance. Read the details of the Proving Grounds testing.

Radial Impact Test - Passed

The radial impact test assesses the stability of the wheel against severe damage or failure when driving through potholes or over large obstacles. Understanding that streets and highways aren’t always pristine, the E2 wheel has been rigorously tested to endure typical road hazards and proven to outperform comparable steel and aluminum wheels. See the Radial Fatigue Report.

Curb Impact Test - Passed

The curb impact test is a crucial test that evaluates the effects of repeated impact against a static surface, simulating a vehicle hitting a curb or other fixed object at a predetermined rate of speed. Even at low speed, curb and wheel contact can generate large impact forces. The E2 carbon fiber wheels are designed and thoroughly tested to resist failure in damaging situations such as curb impacts. See the Curb Impact Report.

SAE J3204 Tested

The E2 is fully tested and pending certification under SAE J3204, the new composite wheel recommended practice. ESE is working closely with the SAE to help define the standards and set the benchmarks for composite wheels. The E2 carbon fiber wheels from ESE actually exceed the minimum SAE recommendations. Similar to metal wheels, the SAE’s recommendations for composite wheels address durability through various fatigue and impact tests. The SAE also added new requirements to account for environmental effects that are unique to composites.

Experience the Beauty and Innovation of Carbon Fiber