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ESE Carbon Company Teams With Ruhl Strategic Partners

July 2020, Atlanta GA – ESE Carbon Company, a producer of carbon fiber composite wheels, is poised to improve driving performance to an expanded market of high-performance automobile drivers.  Already gaining traction in North America, ESE is teaming up with Ruhl Strategic partners, a market expansion and product innovation consultant for technology-focused companies, to accelerate global market adoption of their unique carbon fiber wheels.

Driver safety and improved handling are noted as key product benefits. “Our technologically-advanced wheels have recently passed rigorous testing standards as established by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), and our product has received accolades for improving vehicle driving performance and efficiency,” said Carlos Hermida, CPA, CEO – ESE Industries.

In the competitive automotive arena, where lightweighting continues to be important, industry experts take notice of such product benefits.

“The conversations we’ve had with industry stakeholders have validated that the unique characteristics that ESE has already brought to aftermarket automotive sales in North America will certainly be noticed as global market growth is being pursued. With our on-the-ground presence in the United Kingdom, led by Jonathan Fisk and his strong background in metals and lightweighting, we are beginning to engage the many angles of the European value chain and tell the successful story already taking shape, regarding carbon fiber wheels,” said Adam Harms, Managing Director – Ruhl Strategic Partners.

“We are thrilled by our growing reputation as the preferred technology provider for carbon fiber wheels in North America, and we anticipate a similar reception globally, and in Europe, especially with its well-documented penchant for drivers who have come to expect high-performance from their vehicles,” said Daniel Canavan, VP Business Development – ESE Carbon Company.

Ruhl’s Market Growth platform, automotive industry knowledge, experience, and ecosystem of partners will help demonstrate to the discerning market the value of ESE’s technological innovation that bridges the solutions gap by providing distinct value and addressing unmet customer needs.

About ESE Carbon Company

ESE Carbon Company was founded in 2011 by a small, talented team deep in the north Georgia mountains, with the goal of removing the market barriers of carbon fiber composites like never before. A decade later, we continue to drive innovation in areas such as tailored fiber placement (TFP), high-pressure resin infusion, engineering design and analysis. With a patented process and use of advanced manufacturing and automation technology, ESE Carbon has developed a one-piece, one-cure carbon fiber composite wheel, targeted for consumer release in late 2021.

About Ruhl Strategic Partners

Ruhl Strategic Partners, LLC is a business and strategy consulting and advisory firm — a catalyst that specializes in enabling, accelerating, and sustaining business growth for its partner network through a higher focus on strategic decision making. Providing its clients pursuing new growth opportunities strategic tools, guidance, and a proven platform to attain new growth, Ruhl advises and executes to manage risk and achieve success. With its deep-rooted knowledge in advanced materials and manufacturing technology and technology-focused markets, Ruhl offers unique holistic market vision and the propensity to act and deliver impactful results.

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