ESE Carbon Company is an advanced carbon fibre manufacturing company founded in 2011. ESE has developed a one-piece, one-cure, carbon fibre wheel and has issued patents relating to the manufacturing process. ESE’s mission is to deliver performance carbon fibre products with quality, consistency and affordability, while achieving mass production capability. The aim for ESE Carbon Company’s wheel is to be the world’s highest strength-to-weight automotive wheel available. Carlos Hermida, CEO of ESE Carbon Company, early on recognized the automotive industry trend of necessary weight savings and efficiency enhancement, and that the use of carbon fibre is the solution for these ambitious goals. Carlos found that the perception of carbon fibre components often was that they are high priced, not widely available and technically challenging to manufacture. The ESE team designed a process integrating TFP that allows fast paced, high volume manufacturing of carbon fibre components with excellent mechanical properties and a low-cost structure. Read More