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Design & Benefits

Innovative Design. Unrivaled Performance.

Sparing no detail, E1 maximizes the advantages of carbon fiber to bring you brilliantly high performing wheels. From the curvature of the spokes, to the tactical placement of the fibers, all design aspects of E1 are strategic and with purpose. E1 is crafted to surpass the norms of performance for automotive wheels with an ultimate goal in mind: to elevate your drive.


Elevate the Environment

Feel great about your drive knowing that your wheel upgrade is making a positive impact on the environment. The weight savings brought by E1 carbon fiber wheels directly lead to decreased fuel consumption and associated reductions in engine emissions.


E1 is designed to fit the most aggressive brake kits on the market. Its five spoke design also provides generous disk and caliper exposure for improved ventilation and an attractive look.


Strategically incorporated as the contact between a vehicle and its carbon fiber wheels, the aluminum hub diminishes thermal concerns and minimizes the impact on the composite.


The U-shaped spoke leverages the tensile strength of carbon fiber avoiding unneeded mass, providing a larger surface area and greater clearance to dissipate heat from brakes.


E1’s ceramic-based hard clear coat protects E1 against scratches and UV degradation, and adds additional thermal stability. This protective coating is available in a matte or gloss finish.


E1’s resin system is ideal – incredibly strong and resistant to high temperatures. Once cured, it builds a strong and heat-resistant structure suitable for high performance applications.


For ultimate strength, the inner layers of E1 are built with a dense structural fiber. Aesthetic fiber is used in the outmost layers to provide a resin-rich gloss appearance. Each ply is strategically placed, adding needed strength and saving unneeded weight.


E1’s design is tested for optimal performance using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (DFMEA). These models virtually simulate real world conditions to ensure that designs meet stringent quality and safety standards.


All E1 wheels are made to order. Width and diameter, offset, center bore, bolt pattern sizes and color options are available for customization.


Rotational Inertia

Make your car do more for you by lowering the weight of your wheels. E1 delivers swifter accelerating and braking, horsepower savings, and extended brake life. Starting at 11lbs (5kg), the lightweight E1 has a lower rotational inertia than heavier metal alloy wheels, allowing you to accelerate and decelerate using less force. Shedding weight, particularly in the wheels, is akin to adding horsepower to your car. It results in less horsepower spent rotating your wheels and more horsepower used directly for moving you forward, faster. With lower rotational mass, you’ll also notice swifter braking and the extended life your brakes will have as a result.


Reduced Unsprung Weight & Ultimate Wheel Stiffness

Allow E1 wheels to keep you ground leveled, safe and in control. By significantly lowering your vehicle’s unsprung weight, E1 wheels serve to lessen the strain on your suspension. E1 wheels are also stiffer than traditional metal wheels, making them less susceptible to vibrations on hard turns. You'll experience less vibrations and bouncing motions, and more traction and control when pushing your car to the limit. Better handling, better performance.

  • Rotational Inertia

    Shaving weight off your car can greatly improve its performance, and physics proves that there are certain areas where saving weight can make the greatest difference. Isaac Newton’s concept of Rotational Inertia or Moment of Inertia – a scientific term frequently heard in the automotive industry – is a measure of a wheel's resistance to change in its rotation. If you’re thinking of it applied to your car, it is resistance to rotational acceleration. A heavier wheel will take more engine torque to move it, than a lighter wheel. Your car accelerates by converting raw horsepower into torque, so any weight reduction in your wheels will allow for more of that torque to be directly applied into your drive. E1's light weight significantly reduces the moment of inertia in your drive, allowing you to quickly shift from accelerating and decelerating using less horsepower than any other wheel on the road. While saving weight anywhere is good – saving weight from wheels will have the greatest impact.

  • Unsprung Weight

    Your car's unsprung weight is the weight not supported by its suspension; these include its tires, wheels, and brakes. Your goal is to drive fast, with total control of your vehicle and the goal of your suspension is to keep your wheels grounded to avoid possible dangerous scenarios where your tires temporarily lose contact with the road. A heavy unsprung weight leads to suspension strain as well as heightened impacts when the unsprung weight of your car is forced upwards – causing your car to experience strong vibrations, bouncing and hopping motions. By significantly reducing the unsprung weight of your vehicle, E1's lightweight preserves the lifespan of your suspension and most importantly, keeps your wheels on the ground so that you maintain total control of your car and launch into a smooth, fast and light drive.


    Track driving pushes your wheels to the limit by constantly shifting from acceleration to braking and cornering. Whenever your car is pushed to these limits with aluminum wheels, the wheels flex up to 10% which temporarily deforms the shape of the wheel and increases the risk of the tire to rim seal breaking. When your wheels shift direction, there is a variating amount of force being applied on the road. In these situations, the lack of stiffness in aluminum wheels causes the car to experience strong vibrations which lead to unpredictable skidding, making it very difficult for the driver to maintain control. Only carbon fiber possesses the stiffness essential for the rims of a high performing vehicle and our E1 carbon fiber wheels are prepared to give you the performance you aim for: zero flexing, vibration absorption and total control of your drive.



  • Carbon fiber composites are superb at dampening sound. As the bond between the road and your vehicle, E1 wheels will attenuate most normal background driving noise, yielding an impressively quiet cabin.

    With the sleek and classic 5 spoke style of E1, and the attractive woven pattern of carbon fiber, be the envy of other car enthusiasts on the road or on the track. Matte, glossy and paint finishes are available.

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